Timothy Percy

My practice revolves around a love and intrigue of how we talk about digital-physical environments, and what makes these spaces unique and important for the future of Design, Architecture and Human Experience. Interaction with these environments for me captures my passion for Experience Design and the possibility to use a Spatial language to communicate the ever-changing vocabulary surrounding the way we interact within these digital-physical environments.


The applications of this are highlighted heavily within my own work, from physical projects, virtual interfaces and the intersection between the two. I look to provide a framework in which we can break down the perceived barrier between physical and digital environments, and create a vocabulary on how we describe these spaces and the affect they have on us. My work looks to ask such questions each time, whether it is through physical object making, digital object making, or writing, I engage with digital-physical and the future as much as possible.


Overall I look to bring a serious eye and a little bit of laughter to everything I do, making the most of interaction with clients / experience / space / technology to create interesting and beautiful strategic design outcomes; while always looking to create an innovative space that understands both its physical and digital interactive and footprint.