Platform community mobile application


Platform empowers individuals to make a difference to our environment and climate change through lifestyle choices, awareness and action.


The way in which we can act on climate change includes a shift in the system and a shift in collective human action. We must shift our mindsets and our lifestyles to one that will support a clean-energy and resourceful economy to create a sustainable and prosperous future. Platform does this through addressing collective social change: starting on the micro individual and community scale to generate change on a macro world level.


Platform empowers individuals and communities to act on a local level via engaging individuals in their local, state and national community. Platform is positioned as a tool that is mutually beneficial to the objectives of individuals, communities and the sustainability of the ecosystem. Platform aims to support the shift the way in which people live and share knowledge on how individuals and communities can take part in mitigating and adapting to climate change. To achieve this, Platform makes use of: a collective community; social change; gamification; incentive; and the sharing of existing resources and know-how knowledge. Using the Yarra Valley as an example we explore the possibilities of implementing such a project.