studio INTERFERENCE seeks to investigate the relationship between Psychology and Design, while exploring the effects of the Digital-Physical world through producing interior INTERFERENCES in everyday environments and public interiors.


Using the lens of environmental psychology and its underlying theories, studio INTERFERENCE will examine the interplay between spatial environments, INTERFERENCE and human behaviour. As a studio we will explore the role of experiment, data, intervention and measurement and their responsibility in design. We will investigate the concepts of stimulation, perception, INTERFERENCE and spatial interaction through questions including:


• Can we predict behaviour from an environment? (Stimulation theory)

• Why do people bond to particular places? (Place attachment theory)

• What are the interior considerations of INTERFERENCE?

• What research methods are appropriate for place and space?

• How can we manipulate behaviours and outcomes through INTERFERENCE?

• How invasive / intrusive are the methods of INTERFERENCE?

• How do we apply, test and refine our knowledge?

• What are the ethical considerations of INTERFERENCE?

These questions will allow us to use digital technologies to INTERFERE within site, creating affective interiors within the urban environment. This iterative process of measuring and ideating will be used to explore how studio INTERFERENCE can create meaningful propositions and outcomes.